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There’s trouble in Somewhere and someone in town alerted the Texas Rangers. Big bad Ranger Hart Winston is tasked with ferreting out the truth and staying out of trouble. But trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes, this time in the body of sweet innkeeper Sherri London. While he works on his case, he watches her and feels the tug of desire. But she’s the former clerk in the office he’s investigating, making her forbidden fruit. And making her even more adorable.

Sherri sees a big man in her B&B and immediately sees trouble. Man trouble, and she doesn’t know how to handle it. Male-Female relationships aren’t her forte, not to mention the trouble she had with her last pseudo boyfriend. But Hart makes her smile and seems an awful like the heroes on tv, even vanquishing her demons.

Turns out he’s not the man she fell in love with. He’s an undercover cop masquerading as a cowboy. She understands the demands of his job, but if he lies so easily, how will she know if he’s lying to her?

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